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If your business is showing an aggregate net profit in excess of $1million for the past three years or $4million in net tangible assets, and you want to:

  • sell your business for a price tag higher than 3 to 4 times your annual net profit; and/or
  • liquify heavy debt because every dollar goes back into paying down the debt rather than growing the business (which by the way is enough to stop a buyer in their tracks); and/or
  • maintain an interest in the business either in a passive or hands-on capacity and want debt-free capital to fund research and development, hire top-tier staff, build buildings, reduce debt, fund capital expenditure, acquire new technology or other businesses, or perhaps bankroll a number of other possibilities…

Then we can offer you the best solution!

We can help you liquify your debt and set yourself up for a lucrative exit through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Our strategy creates a “money printing machine” for the future stages of growth alleviating the dependence on cash and finance, and sets you up for an eventual sale price that is substantially higher than 3 to 4 times multiple. It is the most feasible and sometimes only solution for owners.

To assess whether the solution works for you, we can offer a free market appraisal and obtain ASX pre-approval before committing any further. If you decide that the solution works for you then we can personally manage the IPO from start to finish whilst you continue to run your business.

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Henry Chow
Mergers & Acquisitions | Business Sales | IPO | ASX
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Alex Cernoy
Business Sales | Mergers & Acquisitions | IPO | ASX
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Jeevesh Thaman
Fluent English, Hindi, Indian, Punjabi
Business Coach
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Kerri Maher
Business Sales
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Naoko Arase
General Manager
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Peter Iffland
Sales Manager | Business Sales
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Nicole Nguyen-Iffland
Licensee | Business Sales | Mergers & Acquisitions | IPO | ASX
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