Transfer Company Name

When buying a business sometimes it makes sense to pick up the Company Name (i.e. the Pty Ltd). There are two ways you can transfer the Company Name to yourself:  

(1) Appoint the new Owner as Director and the old Owner resigns as Director.  This will give immediate effect with no change to the ACN

To change the Director details along with any other contact details you will need to submit the following Online form:   Change to Company Details    

(2) Old Owner cancels the Company Name and the new Owner re-registers the Company Name under a new ACN. This is a longer process requiring the Company Name to sit in “quarantine” on the ASIC register for up to 2 months before it can be released for registration (you will need to check the ASIC register at the 2 month mark to see when it becomes free. The new Owner can reserve the name by following the last link provided below).  

To complete this you will need to submit the following Online forms:  

Step 1: Deregister Company Name

Step 2: Register Company Name

Optional Step: Reserve Company Name

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