Author: Nicole Nguyen-Iffland


How to stuff up finance when buying a business

How to get banks to approve a bank loan when buying a business or freehold commercial property? Unless you’re a mega brand floating golden arches, banks simply will not lend on a business. So, how do you get a loan application to go through? We face this problem every day and hear first hand from lenders how buyers can stuff it up! Firstly, Golden Rule No.1 “the bank will place ZERO value on a business’Read More

How to maximise the sale price of your business

Selling your business is a detailed and strategic process and if planned and executed properly, can lead to achieving the highest possible sale price for your business. Here, we briefly explore the key issues which we consider to impact on your ability to attract prospective buyers and more importantly, seeing your business sale through to settlement! DIVERSIFY YOUR CUSTOMER BASE If a large percentage of your current business is concentrated on a small percentage ofRead More

Best housekeeping tips to prepare your business for sale

Sellers can be confronted with buyers who one minute seem interested in their business for sale and the next, go stone cold. Our experience suggests that sometimes the fastest way to deflate a buyer’s enthusiasm, is simple house keeping. Selling your business is probably the biggest sale you’ll ever make and it’s important that we prepare our business for sale just like we would when putting our property on the market. MAINTAIN UP-TO-DATE FINANCIAL INFORMATIONRead More

Improve Your Business with Email Marketing

In the business world, email marketing is such an important strategy for growing and developing your business. To have a successful business you need to be able to connect with potential customers in order to persuade them to purchase from you instead of a competitor. Email marketing can help you achieve just that by building relationships and allowing them to come to you when they are ready to purchase. BENEFITS OF EMAIL MARKETING The benefitsRead More

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